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    July 2, 2003

  • The wonderful Willow Wilson just did a nice interview with Opposite Forces creator Tom Bancroft over on the Komikwerks website, check it out here. "Just did" is a stretch actually. It was done via phone many months ago when I was still working at Big Idea Productions. Check out some of the other interviews with Tom while you are at the link.

  • June 20, 2003

  • Quick! Go to the store and buy the June/July issue of Disney Adventures magazine! It's got a 6 page "Finding Nemo" story penciled by "Opposite Forces" creator Tom Bancroft. DUDE!

  • ANNOUNCEMENT!...Funnypages Press will have a booth at San Diego Con 2003, July 17-20! We aren't sure as yet where it will be but we are hoping to be near other "all ages" realted companies and not the usual porn we are neighbors to normally. Does that sound bitter? Sorry. Anyway, creators Tom Bancroft (Opposite Forces) and Greg Hardin (Hubie) will be there as well as special guests like Tom's kid twin brother, Tony Bancroft (Disney animator and Co-director of "Mulan") and maybe more! Also, come by and be the first to buy the WORLD PREMIERE of "OPPOSITE FORCES" #3 with a J. Scott Campbell cover! It won't be in stores until September! Wa-hoo, now that's some fun!

  • Along those lines, look for the solicitation for "OPPOSITE FORCES #3" in the July PREVIEWS catolog at your local comic book store! Click here for more info. Please ask your intimidating comic shop person to order it for you, if you don't chances are they won't order much- if any! It ships to stores in September!

  • Funnypages Press creator and partner, Rob Corley's wife is expecting their fourth child this month also! Unfortunately, that means he can't make San Diego with the rest of the gang but we will be thinking of him and praying for a healthy delivery. Please join us in prayer that it takes after Mommy!

  • February 16, 2003

  • Be sure to pick up the April issue of "DISNEY ADVENTURES" magazine because it has a 4-page "Monsters, Inc" story drawn by Tom Bancroft (Opposite Forces) with inks by his buddy Howard Shum! There might be another little surprise in there also so check it out! And don't fret, the third issue of "Opposite Forces" is still being worked on for July, just in time for the San Diego Con!

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