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The Story
Issue #1 Sample pages
Issue #2 Sample Pages
Issue #3 Sample Pages

The Story
Marty and AlexisISSUE #3- This issue starts with a bang with a beautiful J. Scott Campbell cover! Then, animator Tom Bancroft brings you the continued adventures of unlikely heroes, Marty and Alexis. See Bopper take over leadership, Marty and Alexis try out their new powers, and get ready for the unveiling of their first supervillian! Have you guessed who it is yet? Not enough?? How about a "How to Draw Alexis" page and power pinups by animatio artists Dan Gracey, Tony Bancroft (Tom's kid twin brother and Disney director), and Mike Huddleston (DECOY)! Want more?!? I'll throw in a Phil Noto color back cover! Dude, what are you waiting for--EBAY?

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